Cusotmer Testimonials

"Providing our customers with a comfortable seat isn't enough any more. Our customers have come to expect live television in our vehicles and we count on DIRECTV Auto for the very latest in equipment and programming"

--Vallen Smikle, Coach America

"It has been a success having DIRECTV Auto in our new Mobile Marketing Unit. We have received great reaction from our fans at the game to the folks at the Street Team events. They get to enjoy the truck and watch the team when we are on the road. The DIRECTV Auto unit has definitely been a homerun! Thank you"

--Ralph Capdevila, Florida Marlins

"DIRECTV Auto has been a game changer. Nothing better than watching what the financial markets are doing while I'm on the way to a business meeting or catching a live sporting event while on a family road trip"

--Steven Starker, Institutional Investor

*For existing DIRECTV residential customers the monthly programming package plus locals is available for $6.00/month and will be billed to your existing DIRECTV account. If locals are not available in your home service area than programming will cost $5.00/month). If you do not currently have a DIRECTV residential account, programming will run $29.99/month and to add local channels will be an additional $5.00/month.