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Can I watch two channels simultaneously at the same time on different screens in the same vehicle with just one antenna?

Yes, this can be easily accomplished by purchasing an additional receiver from DIRECTV Auto.

Does the antenna work anywhere?

Yes, the antenna works anywhere in the Continental United States as long as it has an unobstructed view of the southern sky to receive satellite TV signals. Common causes of blockage include trees, buildings, bridges, or mountains.

What is the difference in service for mobile vehicles and service for multiple homes?

Multiple homes require another DIRECTV account if you want service at both homes at the same time. Mobile accounts are not permanent fixtures and may be used part-time, so using one account is acceptable. There are also different rules regarding local channels, since a mobile receiver may be taken out of area, where your local channels are not available.

Can I use a leased DIRECTV receiver in my mobile vehicle?

If you want to enjoy DIRECTV programming while your vehicle is on the move, you need a special receiver that is specifically designed to work with your DIRECTV Auto dish. These receivers contain a standard DIRECTV access card and are usually installed in the trunk or under the car seat. TV monitors are not included and should be purchased separately. Please contact us directly to obtain your auto dish.

Why can't my mobile account have my local channels from my original location?

Due to FCC regulations, the broadcast signal for local channels may not be available in all locations. Your local channels are delivered via a spot beam satellite that targets areas immediately around a city where you live, like a spotlight. Since your mobile receiver displays the time zone from your home service address, your local channels will not be available if you leave the satellite spot beam area.

Example: If your primary receiver is in Tampa, FL, and you're vehicle is on a road trip in Seattle, WA, the receiver won't get local channels, because the satellite transmits signal only to the area around Tampa, FL. As soon as you drive your vehicle inside the Tampa, FL, spot beam area, you will be able receive the Tampa locals again.

Can a professional DIRECTV residential technician install a DIRECTV mobile receiver in my vehicle?

No, we recommend finding an automotive installer who specializes in this type of installation. We can provide you with a list of installers in your area that can conduct the installations. On the average, the installation time takes approximately 2-3 hours.

I want to get DIRECTV for my car, how do I get the equipment I need?

If you'd like to enjoy DIRECTV in your car, suv, truck or RV, please contact DIRECTV Auto.


*For existing DIRECTV residential customers the monthly programming package plus locals is available for $6.00/month and will be billed to your existing DIRECTV account. If locals are not available in your home service area than programming will cost $5.00/month). If you do not currently have a DIRECTV residential account, programming will run $29.99/month and to add local channels will be an additional $5.00/month.