About Us

DIRECTV Auto was founded in 2011 with one mission: to combine the best of what we have to get us from point a to point b- the vehicle- with the best of what we have in home entertainment- satellite television.

It was a visionary idea, but given that vehicles travel at speeds of 65 miles per hour at various altitudes, temperatures and weather, this was no easy task.

DIRECTV Auto and its partners are proud to bring our customers a reliable solution for in-motion satellite television from the comfort of their own vehicle seat, just as if they were home.

And that has become DIRECTV Auto's defining goal in everything we've done and continue to do since our inception- to help every one of our customers feel at home in the Car.


*For existing DIRECTV residential customers the monthly programming package plus locals is available for $6.00/month and will be billed to your existing DIRECTV account. If locals are not available in your home service area than programming will cost $5.00/month). If you do not currently have a DIRECTV residential account, programming will run $29.99/month and to add local channels will be an additional $5.00/month.